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Landfill Projects NSW Civil, Construction, Subdivision and Demolition works.

Based in outer Sydney we are directly involved in major civil contracts which redefine and uplift the surrounding areas. Works which have been successfully carried out include; Client and Governing Liaison, Demolition, Excavation detailed and bulk, Infrastructure services and utilities upgrade, Piling and boring, “Earth” Landfill and Subdivision contracts. Having achieved considerable experience with difficult and environmentally sensitive sites, the Landfill Projects NSW team has successfully undertaken and completed projects as deemed too difficult by others. Projects undertaken successfully in recent years are available upon request to provide the comprehensive scope of capabilities of our company.

Previous projects we have completed, Our own Industrial Subdivision Development works for Port Macquarie City Council NSW with all stages completed. Works incorporated in all stages include site vegetation clearing & Mulching, bulk and detailed earthworks, 2.5km of heavy duty tar sealed roads and kerbs with associated infrastructure and utility upgrades, the largest pump station construction in Port Macquarie region to cater to a multitude of properties and factory developments and construction for numerous sites on the 20 hectare property.

In summary the following works are in which this company undertake;

  • Development Applications and client liaison.
  • Subdivisions.
  • Piering and piling in rock and OTR.
  • Roadworks and utility amplification.
  • Car parks underground and multi-story.
  • Infrastructure works.
  • Concreting.
  • Demolition and Asbestos removal.
  • Bulk and detailed excavation.
  • Excavation and de-watering in water charged ground.
  • Land fills and Mega-litre dam construction.
  • Scientific, Flora and Fauna, Geotechnical and Ecological surveys.
  • Forestry -Tree removal, Pruning & mulching.

Whilst the above illustrates our capability to carry out all works at hand, it does not only define the company involvement in the projects that have been undertaken to facilitate our client requirements and project completion. Our team has been dealing successfully with Local Governing Authorities, EPA, Work Cover and Utility suppliers with a proven track record to adequately complete projects and client objectives.

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